This directory contains examples for use by web site developers.

(It might also, from time to time, contain other files used by the web server administrator for testing and other purposes.)

      Name                    Description

[DIR] Parent Directory [DIR] auth/ [TXT] confirm.html Example MailTo CGI Confirmation [TXT] counter.html Examples of the Counter CGI [TXT] legacy_counter.html Test Page of the Wrapper for the Legacy Counter > [TXT] mailto.html Example of the MailTo CGI [TXT] redirect.html Example Redirection [TXT] search.css Style Sheet for search.html & search.tt [TXT] search.html Search Example [   ] search.tt Search Template for /cgi-bin/swish-e/test.cgi [TXT] search_help.html Search Query Syntax [TXT] ssi.shtml Examples of Extended Server-Side Includes (XSSI) [TXT] target.html Redirection Target [DIR] testtoo/ [DIR] things_to_search/ (nothing useful or interesting)

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